Ibex Data Services
Elegant Solutions for Complex Opportunities

Ibex Data Services creates custom software to improve your business. We help your staff reduce errors and save time; we help you improve profitability. Software-based “robots” are automated services that perform a task for you, your business or your staff. They range from very simple to extremely complex.

Software automation can benefit your business through:

  • Performing the repeating task for you, without question, without sick days, without growing bored.
  • Detect problems in your supply chain: inventory alerts, spoilage, reduced production.
  • Prevent failures or events through early detection.
  • Reduce staffing overhead by taking over the mundane time consuming tasks.
  • Knowledge workers can focus on their central crucial tasks.

“Middleware” is the glue that connects your business to third-party software services.

You’ve heard of APIs, you’ve likely heard of Software as a Service (SaaS). You’ve possibly heard that your internal software “doesn’t do that” or “can’t connect on its own” to your external services and providers. This is where Ibex Data can help!

We have extensive experience in bridging two or more software/service providers that do not natively speak the same language or connect.

We can import from one provider, transform the data as needed, and push it to another provider. All the while keeping you informed with alerts & notifications as necessary.

Your business does not have to be restricted by the current software limitations.It’s not uncommon for individual developers to pursue other interests, frequently leaving your company without someone to service or repair your current solution.

Ibex can help.

We’re here when things break and your old developer is nowhere to be found.

We can establish a disaster recovery plan for your IT infrastructure and assist with any immediate needs.

  1. Address the current need – make immediate temporary repairs as necessary.
  2. Document your current infrastructure and points of weakness that may need to be addressed (vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, outdated solutions, backup weaknesses).
  3. Create a plan of attack to scaffold the critical areas first
  4. Meet our objectives.

In today’s environment, “Hosting” can mean a broad range of products and services, one that you and your staff may not be experts within.

Ibex Data can help with your current hosting needs within your existing infrastructure by:

  • Infrastructure audit
  • Server/Services consolidation
  • Security Audit / Penetration testing
  • Server/Services migration (we’ll move it for you)
  • Server/Services management (we’ll monitor & update & repair)
  • Multi-platform Cloud Support

Technology evolves. When it does, you want to know that you can pick up a phone or send a text and a qualified engineer will come to the rescue.

Ibex Data can help in those moments to assist with software or infrastructure crisis.